Lizton Comprehensive Development Plan

Citizen Survey

It’s time for the Town of Lizton to update its Comprehensive Development Plan! 

The survey is designed to garner your opinions of Lizton and to determine the future needs of our community. The survey results will be used in the development of the Town of Lizton’s Comprehensive Development Plan. This Plan will help our community to fund future improvements by applying for grant funds. It’s part of our effort for community betterment.

The survey will begin on Friday June 18th and run until Friday July 2nd.

You can go to this link this will take you straight to the survey.

Please take a few minutes to answer all the questions in the survey. We ask that only one person per household complete the survey, but please feel free to consult with all members of your household in forming your opinions. 

The responses on the surveys will be tabulated by the consulting firm hired to do the Plan. No member of the community will take part in this tabulation. The information provided to us on the surveys is anonymous and there is no way that anyone participating can be identified.

We hope that you will join us in this project by providing us information to help guide your community through its next 5-10 years.

Thank you for your participation,

Lizton Town Council




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