Town Offices

Clerk-Treasurer - Link to page
Here you can find information on Sewer Billing, Zoning Variances, Building Permits,
Sign Permits, and required Licensing. The Town Hall is located at 106 N. Lebanon St.
Contact: Tonya Perry
Phone # 317-994-5500
Email: [email protected]

Police Department - Link to page
The Town of Lizton's Police Department is dedicated to professionalism at all times while assisting with the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors.
Contact: Eric Mohr, Town Marshall
Phone # 317-994-6000
Email: [email protected]

Planning & Zoning - Link to page
The Planning and Zoning is responsible for the issuance of all permits and inspection related to building and signage; applications for variances, special exceptions, rezoning, etc; the enforcement of the zoning and subdivision control ordinances.
Contact: Dan Lake, AICP, Zoning Administrator
Contact: Jack Hall, Building Inspector
Phone # 317-994-5500

Street/Maintenance - Link to page
The Street Department is responsible for street and general maintenance and services for the Town.
Contact: Eric Mohr, Maintenance Superintendent
Phone # 317-994-5500

Fire Department - Link to page
The Lizton Fire Department's Mission is to deliver to citizens and visitors a continually improving level of service quality that exceeds their expectations and requirements.
Phone # 317-994-5500

Lizton Utilities
Lizton Utilities provides sewer and stormwater services for the residents and visitors to the Town.
Stormwater 317-994-5500 - Link to page

The Wastewater department is responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater and operation of the Wastewater Treatment plant.
Wastewater 317-994-5500 - Link to page

Town Engineer - Link to page
The Town Engineer is responsible for street and sewer maintenance and all engineering services for the Town.
Triad and Associates 317-377-5230