BZA – Board of Zoning Appeals

The Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five (5) members as established by I.C. 36-7-4-902. The membership shall include, three (3) citizen members appointed by the executive of the municipality of whom one (1) must be a member of the plan commission and two (2) must not be members of the plan commission, one (1) citizen member appointed by the fiscal body of the municipality and one (1) member appointed by the plan commission from its membership. 

The BZA is responsible for granting variances of Development Standards and Use; granting of Special Exceptions (Conditional Uses); and Appeals from Administrative Decisions.

Ed Perry, Chairperson 
Deby Phillips
Leo Philbin
Bob Fisher

Phone # 317-994-5500

Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision Control Ordinance
Rules of Procedure
Permits and Applications